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teeth whitening in bend

As we age, tooth enamel wears thinner and dietary stains become more prominent. As a result, our teeth begin to yellow over time, causing a less than spectacular smile. Though not an urgent condition, yellowing teeth can be easily remedied with whitening treatments. Here’s what you need to know about teeth whitening in Bend, Oregon.

A Primer on Teeth Whitening in Bend

What Causes Yellowing Teeth?

There are two reasons teeth become yellow over time: thinning enamel and surface stains. Tooth enamel is the hard white mineral substance that protects teeth from decay and erosion. Composed primarily of a mineral known as hydroxyapatite, enamel is formed during pregnancy and the first year of a child’s life after which it slowly begins to demineralize over time.

Enamel protects dentin—the innermost layer of teeth that is naturally yellow in color. Once enamel begins to thin—in part thanks to sugary and acidic foods—dentin begins to show.  This forms a yellowing appearance to teeth. Because enamel does not regenerate, protecting enamel health by following a nutritious diet and practicing good dental hygiene is the only way to avoid further enamel erosion and yellowing of the teeth.

As enamel weakens, it becomes more susceptible to surface stains. Bacterial growth, dental plaque, tobacco use, antibiotic use, and food and beverages rich in carotenoids or xanthonoids such as coffee and red wine can cause a dirty, graying, or yellowing appearance to teeth. This can be remedied by following a teeth whitening regimen.

Should I Whiten My Teeth?

Whitening teeth is a purely personal decision. Though there are no health concerns associated with yellowing teeth—except for perhaps the tooth sensitivity that results from thinning enamel—90% of patients surveyed said they would prefer the appearance of a healthy white smile. This is achieved using a bleaching agent such as hydrogen peroxide which breaks down surface stains and whitens enamel.

The only difference between at-home whitening kits and professional teeth whitening services is the amount of hydrogen peroxide. At-home kits typically contain up to 10% hydrogen peroxide solution while professional whitening services contain up to 40% hydrogen peroxide. By using a higher concentration of bleaching solution, professional services can generally achieve whiter teeth faster than at-home services.

Dr. Dondo provides professional teeth whitening in Bend, Oregon. By taking impressions of your teeth, we create custom bleaching trays that will help you achieve a more even result. We then provide a series of whitening gels that can be inserted into the trays and worn for a few hours at a time for a number of days at a time until the desired result is achieved. Contact Dr. Dondo to learn more about teeth whitening in Bend, Oregon.


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