Expect Excellence from Your Bend Oregon Dentist

Bend OR dentist

You notice from the first moment you walk in the door to the initial greeting and everything that follows, a dental experience should be excellent. The office of Dr. Arredondo and Dr. Dondo Dental Excellence has everything you’re looking for from a Bend Oregon dentist: authenticity, integrity and excellence.

When seeking a dentist, integrity and trust are paramount. Dr. Dondo, as his patients call him, specializes in providing dental excellence in Bend and Central Oregon. Dr. Arredondo has developed a reputation for treating patients with absolute respect while supporting the unique goals for their dental health.


Excellence from your Bend Oregon dentist

Dr. Arredondo values excellence, and it shows. You can feel the authenticity, caring attitude and genuine interest in the oral health of each dental patient.

You can always expect excellence from Dr. Arredondo. To provide the best dental experience he can offer, Dr. Arredondo stays ahead of new technology and new offerings at his dental practice. Dr. Arredondo believes that the best patient experiences happen when excellence is the goal.

Dr. Arredondo believes it is important to stay current with new dental trends and technological advances and works to remain up-to-date. We are proud to offer a variety of innovative dental services.


New technological advances among current services

Some of the services provided by Dr. Arredondo and his staff include:

  • Laser surgery – gentle laser helps ensure comfortable, effective dental procedures
  • Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation – a new gentle technique for treating gum recession
  • Sedation dentistry – don’t let dental anxiety prevent you from having a healthy smile
  • Sleep Apnea treatment – a common, yet serious sleep disorder which we offer screening and treatment for
  • Invisalign – a more comfortable alternative to traditional metal braces, Invisalign offers a new approach to straightening your teeth
  • Tooth-colored fillings – natural, composite tooth-colored fillings with the capacity of bonding to tooth structure
  • Dental implants – the closest thing you can get to healthy, natural teeth
  • Partial/complete dentures – replacement teeth, offering immediate complete dentures, along with removable partials
  • Night guards – for the treatment of teeth grinding, also known as bruxism


Whether it’s for general, cosmetic or laser surgery, sleep apnea treatment or sedation dentistry, expect excellence from your Bend Oregon dentist, Dr. Arredondo. Contact us today, and experience dental excellence for yourself.


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