Teeth grinding patients can get relief

Teeth grinding patients can get relief

Want Freedom From Clenching and Teeth Grinding?

Night-time teeth grinding and jaw clenching can be painful to our head, jaw and neck and destructive to teeth. At Dr. Dondo Dental Excellence, we are always looking for ways for our patients to receive relief from these night-time habits and we have found a great solution. NiteBite is a custom fit, patented and FDA cleared oral appliance specifically designed to stop wear from teeth grinding as well as relieve head, neck, jaw joint and tooth pain caused by excessive clenching and grinding of teeth.

NiteBite function

A look at NiteBite’s function for relieving pain and tooth damage from teeth grinding and jaw clenching.


NiteBite triggers a reflex in your jaw to open your jaw to a physiologic rest position.  This allows the muscles in your jaw, head, neck and back to relax.  When muscles are relaxed, it is very common for patients to experience reduction in the incidence of headaches.  It also reduces the continued wear on your teeth from clenching and grinding them at night.

How does NiteBite Work?

Most bite appliances just give you something else to clench and grind on.  No other appliance triggers the jaw to rest exactly where each individual’s physiological rest position belongs.  Each time your jaw closes and the lower teeth come in contact with the appliance, jaw muscles sense the contact and then, by reflex, return the jaw to its rest position.  Your jaw is not forced to open beyond this physiologic rest position. Other night-time clenching and grinding appliances act as a barrier between the upper and lower teeth but are too thick and force the jaw outside of its physiologic rest position.  They don’t eliminate teeth grinding or clenching and therefore don’t reduce muscle activity or create muscle relaxation.  Tooth wear stops when the NiteBite is worn because of this relaxation and the fact that the teeth don’t touch at all when the NiteBite is in place. Allow me show you a video on how NiteBite works.

How comfortable is NiteBite to wear?

The NiteBite is very comfortable to wear.  There is no issue of compliance, so common with larger more rigid bite appliances.  You can wear the NiteBite every night without feeling the need to remove it during sleep.

The NiteBite can be fabricated and customized just for you in about 10 minutes or less in the dental office.  There is no need for a gagging impression or a need to wait weeks to receive the appliance.  It can be made and sent home with you the same day!

How affordable is NiteBite?

A very appealing feature of the NiteBite is its low cost.  Traditional night-time appliances can cost over $600 to $700.  The NiteBite is less than $200!  This low price has helped many people to afford treating their grinding and clenching habit.  Click here if you would like to find out more about NiteBite.

Call our office to find out how you can find relief from grinding and clenching your teeth and the resulting head, neck, jaw pain and lack of sleep.

-Dr. Arredondo



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