Get Tooth-Colored Fillings for a Natural Smile

tooth-colored fillings

Thanks to advancements in dental materials, you no longer have to worry about the appearance of unsightly metal fillings. In years past, getting dental cavities meant filling them with gold, silver, porcelain, plastic, or composite resins. In fact, you may have a few of these on your teeth already. But you don’t have to. Dr. Dondo provides tooth-colored fillings in Bend, Oregon.

Tooth-Colored Fillings for Every Cavity (Even if You Already Have Fillings)

At our offices, we think it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest—and most beautiful—updates in dental technology. That’s why we provide tooth-colored fillings for all cavities, and can even replace existing metal fillings with updated tooth-colored ones. Made from durable plastic composites, these fillings look much more natural and much less noticeable. Most won’t even see them at all.

Here’s how it works: If we discover that a tooth needs a filling—either due to cavities, decay, cracked, or broken teeth—we’ll schedule an appointment to place a filling. We’ll use a local anesthetic to numb the area surrounding the tooth, then we’ll remove any debris or decay before bonding tooth-colored plastic resins to the tooth. Add a little polishing to the mix and the procedure is generally pretty quick and painless.

The Advantages of Tooth-Colored Fillings (Hint: It’s Not All About the Look)

There are many advantages to tooth-colored fillings—beyond the purely aesthetic ones. Not only are tooth-colored fillings more attractive (especially when used on the front teeth), but they are also more functional. Composite fillings bond directly to the tooth which makes them durable and easily applicable. In the case of decay, they also don’t require as much of the tooth to be removed before the filling process begins.

Finally, tooth-colored fillings are extremely versatile. They can be used to fill cavities as well as repair chipped, cracked, or broken teeth. In other words, they are an all-around success when it comes to ensuring a bright white smile. And if you already have metal fillings in place, we can replace those too. Tooth-colored fillings can drastically improve the appearance (and functionality) of your smile.

Should You Get Tooth-Colored Fillings?

We recommend tooth colored fillings if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Cavities
  • Cracked teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • Misshapen teeth

Not only can they repair abnormalities, but they look good while they’re doing it. Think of them as dental work and cosmetic dental work in one treatment. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Dondo in Bend, Oregon. We pride ourselves on providing the best (and most beautiful) in Oregon dental care.


Dr. Dondo provides general and cosmetic dentistry in Bend, Oregon. With everything you need to perfect your teeth, bite, gums, and smile, our goal is to provide a pleasant and comfortable experience for all of our patients. Schedule your appointment today.

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