Porcelain Veneers For the Smile of Your Dreams

porcelain veneers

Are you less than thrilled with your smile? If the problem is stains, chips or gaps, porcelain veneers might be just the solution.


What are porcelain veneers?

Veneers are thin, custom crafted layers of composite or dental porcelain placed over the front of the permanent tooth to either cosmetically improve the look of the teeth or protect them from damage.

To begin with, some dentists take a mold or impression of your teeth, but at our office, Dr. Arredondo has done away with the gooey molds and can take impressions digitally! From that digital impression of your teeth, veneers are created by a technician in a dental lab and matched to the color of your teeth for a natural appearance.


The case for veneers

For yellow, discolored, chipped or misshapen teeth, veneers can be a good solution. If your teeth have simply dulled from food and beverages, smoking or aging, you might think ‘why not just whiten them?’ While it is true that whitening will lighten your teeth, veneers provide an appreciably brighter overall smile that can dramatically alter your appearance and fill you with confidence.

Something to keep in mind when making your decision about getting veneers is that they are a permanent solution. This is because tooth enamel must be removed to prepare the surface for the layer of veneer that will cover the tooth and adhere to it.

The process of whitening your teeth, on the other hand, will fade in time — about six months to two years if your dentist performs the service, and only a few weeks to a few months if you do the whitening yourself with over-the-counter solutions. Because veneers are non-porous, and therefore resistant to stains, the brightness is long-lasting.


Placing veneers

Your dentist will typically require a couple of appointments to place your veneers. The first step will be to match the shade to your original enamel for a natural look. Dr. Arredondo will then remove a small amount of the enamel to make room for the veneer, and make a digital impression of your teeth for the lab.

Temporary veneers will be fitted for you to wear while waiting for your permanent veneers. When the veneers arrive, they will be mounted, cemented into place, light cured and polished.


After care

Once you have your veneers, just floss and brush as you normally would. Dark liquids and hard textured foods might discolor or chip your veneers, and Dr. Arredondo may warn you to steer clear of them. For most people, these are small sacrifices for the smile they get in return.
Dr. Arredondo at Dr. Dondo Dental Excellence performs many dental services at his office, including placing porcelain veneers. Contact us to learn more ways we may be able to help improve your smile.


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