Q & A- NiteBite appliance for night-time jaw clenching

Q & A- NiteBite appliance for night-time jaw clenching

If you read yesterday’s blog post (here) you learned that we have a new appliance that helps our patients who grind their teeth and clench their jaws at night.  Here are some common questions and answers about this new appliance called NiteBite.

What are some common objections from patients considering a night-time bite guard?

  • Cost – Most night-time clenching and grinding guards cost about $600-700. The NiteBite costs less than $200.
  • “I hate impressions!” or “I have a terrible gag reflex” – There is no need to take any impressions in order to send you home with your new NiteBite.
  • “I’ve worn an occlusal guard in the past and it was very uncomfortable” or ” My guard made me clench more!” – Most guards are bulky and force patients open beyond their natural resting position. The NiteBite works by allowing patients to “rest open” or “relax open”.  The goal of the appliance is physiologic rest and works for 95% of people who grind or clench their teeth.
  • “Does it go all the way back?” – NiteBite’s conservative design covers only the front four upper teeth and does not prevent you from comfortably closing your lips.

How is the NiteBite made?

  • Since no impressions are needed, the NiteBite can easily be used for patients with limited opening or those with a sensitive gag reflex. Fabrication is quick and easy to perform.  Once warmed and fully softened, the device seats over the teeth with minimal pressure.  Total fabrication time is between 5 and 10 minutes.

How effective is it?

  • The NiteBite is effective for patients who are having acute symptoms from jaw joint pain. Having a same-day appliance offers faster relief compared to laboratory-fabricated devices.  Aside from the treatment of jaw pain due to clenching and/or grinding, the NiteBite is effective in helping patients who chronically have sore teeth from night-time clenching and grinding habits or who chronically bite their cheeks.

How is the patient acceptance rate?

  • The ability to create an immediate appliance for patients with acute symptoms is the most outstanding feature of NiteBite. Because it is small and comfortable, patient compliance is reported to be high, thus contributing to its effectiveness.  The NiteBite accomplishes this by triggering the jaw relaxation reflex, relaxing the jaw muscles and returning the lower jaw to the physiologic rest position.

Does it work?

  • NiteBite is highly rated and recommended by Clinicians Report a valued and verified key opinion leader in the professional dental community, and the only independent dental product testing organization funded exclusively by dentists. After rigorous non-manufacturer paid testing against competitive products, NiteBite’s efficacy and value was confirmed and named as one on Clinicians Report’s  Best Products of the Year 2014.

For more information you can go this website .  Watch the video below to become even more familiarized with the NiteBite:

Have a great day!

-Dr. Arredondo


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